Below, you can find a list of books I translated and/or edited. I'm not taking on any new translation or editing projects at the moment. Please check my Resources page to find other translators.

Genre: Historical Romance

Highland Brides Series, by Tanya Anne Crosby

Translated by Anja Bauermeister + Christina Löw

The MacKinnon's Bride

Lyon's Gift

On Bended Knee

Lion Heart

Highland Song

Genre: Contemporary Romance

New Horizon Ranch Series, by Debra Clopton

Translated by Anja Bauermeister, Edited by Christina Löw

Genre: ​Literary Fiction

​A Stone's Throw, by ​Alida Winternheimer

Translated by Anja Bauermeister + Christina Löw

Genre: Middle Grade

Julia Jones' Diary Series, by Katrina Kahler

Translated by Anja Bauermeister

Proofreader: Stefan Stern

Proofreader: Carolin Veiland

Proofreader: Christina Löw

Proofreader: Stefan Stern

 Proofreader: Stefan Stern

Proofreader: Christina Löw


Diary of Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome
by Kaz Campbell

Proofreader: Carolin Veiland

Diary of an Almost Cool Girl - Book 2
by B. Campbell

Proofreader: Carolin Veiland

Diary of an Almost Cool Girl: Meet Maddi
by B. Campbell

Edited books:

Plague Wars Series, by David VanDyke

Translated by Frank Dietz

Skull's Shadow

Eden's Exodus

Apocalypse Austin

Nearest Night

The Demon Plagues

The Reaper Plague

The Orion Plague

Cyborg War

Comes the Destroyer

Forge and ​Steel

​Stellar Conquest Series, by David VanDyke

Translated by Frank Dietz

First ​Conquest

​Desolator: Conquest

​Taktics of Conquest

After Things Went Bad, by Renee Harrell

Translated by Birgit Hausmayer

Once Upon a Kiss​, by ​Tanya Anne Crosby

Translated by Christina Löw

​Viking's Prize, by ​Tanya Anne Crosby

Translated by Christina Löw

What happy authors say:

"Anja Bauermeister and Christina Löw did a wonderful job translating my novel, A Stone's Throw, into German, Ein einziger Steinwurf. They are a great team and a pleasure to work with, communicative and responsive. I felt they went above and beyond the duty of translators. Besides translating my book, they answered my questions about publishing, pricing, and marketing in the German marketplace. They even found beta readers to give them feedback on the translated work. They are wonderful partners in this new venture, and I'm certain I would not be publishing a translated work if not for their expertise and generosity. Even though I do not speak or read German, I trust Anja and Christina with this novel and future novels." - Alida Winternheimer, writer and editor on

"I am thrilled with every aspect of our working relationship—not simply the team’s [Anja and Christina's] work ethic and quick turnaround, but their knowledge about the German market, and willingness to investigate what they don’t know. They have been an asset to me" - Tanya Anne Crosby, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Highland Brides series that I translated with my colleague Christina Löw.

"Anja [has] been invaluable to me both as my virtual assistant (to do things like schedule promotions and get reviews in blogs) and as my proofreader (to ensure the German text is both error-free and colloquial)." - David VanDyke, Bestselling Author of the Plague Wars series.

"It is a pleasure working with Anja and I recommend her highly for all translation work. She continues to be very professional and very easy to communicate with." - Katrina Kahler, Author of the Julia Jones' Diary series

"Anja is an absolutely outstanding translator. Everything is easy, she understands ebook formatting. Highly recommended." - Karen Campbell, Author of Diary of Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome