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About Translations

FAQ about the translation process and finding a translator

How to find a translator on e-ditio

Translator Carolin Veiland talks about royalties and copyright issues

Interview with author David VanDyke about his translated SciFi series

Interview with author Caroline Fyffe about romance translations and AmazonCrossing

Experiences with Babelcube

A translator's experiences with Babelcube

Interview with author Karen Campbell

Publishing in Germany

The German Market

Popular Amazon categories in 2016 - What Germans like to read

Experiences with Middle Grade fiction in Germany

Development of the German book and ebook market from 2005-2015

German Selfpublishing in 2016 - Increased acceptance and professionalism

Publishing Options

German ebook distributors - Where to publish your book in Germany

Tolino Media - Selfpublishing on Amazon's competitor in Germany

The physical book market in Germany - How to distribute your print book

The audiobook market in Germany

How to publish in Germany - Interview with Matthias Matting

KDP Select Free Days or Permafree - What works in Germany?

Know-How for Publication

Value-added tax and the fixed price law

Title protection and imprint in German books

German cover design - Interview with a designer

Marketing your Book in Germany

Social Reading Networks

German Marketing FAQ

Ebook Promotional Websites

List of ebook promotion websites in Germany

Which promotional websites to choose for your purpose

Ebook-Vermarkten: An online shop where you can buy promos for many websites at once

Buchdeals: The next German Bookbub?

Experiences with promotions

Lessons from the launch of a series on the German market

How to combine KDP Free Days with paid promotions to reach the top of the Free Kindle Store in Germany

KDP Select Free Days or Permafree - What works in Germany?

Finding Readers and Getting Reviews

6 ways to get reviews for your German book

Connect with German readers on Lovelybooks to gain reviews

Connect with German book bloggers on Rezi-Suche

German Social Reading platforms to connect with readers in Germany

how to market in germany

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