how to market in germanyFind out how to find reviewers and book promotions for your German books in this online course.


FAQ about translations

Where to find a translator: (Babelcube acts as a distributor for your translated books, it works with the royalty split model – see here and here) (previously oDesk) (for Romance in particular)


Individual translators that work with indie authors:

Christina Löw

Ingrid Yarnell


German proofreaders/editors:

Stefan Stern

Christina Löw

Lektorat Englisch-Deutsch


German cover designers:

Casandra Krammer



German ebook promotion sites

List of German ebook promo sites – PDF


Helpful Websites: (Comprehensive resource on publishing in Germany – mostly in German) and



Selling your novel in Germany, or how to end up with a real Krautpleaser

by Jeannette Bauroth and Corinna Wieja

This guide tells you everything you need to know about having your book translated for the German market. Written by two experienced translators.

Find out:
– how to tell whether your book is right for translation
– what to look for in a translator and how to find the right one for your book
– how the translation process works and what you need to know about the quirks of the German book market
– how to successfully position your book on the German market
– what you can to do win over and wow your new German readers


How to Publish in Germany – the Comprehensive Guide for International Indie Authors

by Matthias Matting (who also runs the website, a comprehensive resource for German indie authors).

The book was published in 2013, but is still useful. It gives a good overview of the most important ebook stores and distributors and walks you through setting up an account on some of the distributors. Also includes information on how to find a translator, legal aspects of translations, and a list of ebook promotion websites.


Going global – How to sell your ebook in the German market

by Birgit Kluger

Mostly focused on how to publish English ebooks in Germany. Contains detailed walk-throughs on how to set up an Amazon Author Central profile in Germany, how to use KDP promotions and other promo methods, including a list of blogs that will review English ebooks. However, the book hasn’t been updated since 2013 and things change quickly in the selfpub scene.