Marketing Services

I'm aware of the challenges that many authors face when it comes to marketing their books in a language they don't speak themselves. If you had one or more of your books translated into German and are now looking for ways to promote them on the German market, you have several options:

  • You can find a lot of free information on my blog to help you get started with marketing your book in Germany. (Get started here)
  • You can follow the detailed walk-through videos in my online course "How to market your book in Germany", which will allow you to tackle your German marketing even if you don't speak German.
  • For those of you who would like further assistance, I have decided to offer some selected marketing services, so you don't have to figure it all out by yourself (see below). For more information about me and my experiences, visit my About page.

Marketing Assistance

Promotion Package

Planning to do a free or reduced price promotion? I can submit your book to several ebook promotional websites to ensure the promo will be seen by the right audience.

  • You tell me the maximum amount of what you'd like to spend on your promotion.
  • I'll select the most effective and relevant websites for your book according to your budget (see this article for examples) and submit your book to be featured there.
  • Note: Offering your book for free or at reduced price is not a prerequisite, as some of these promo sites also accept books at full price (as well as permafree books).
  • Price per book promo: 40 Euro plus the fees of the promotional websites.*

Reviewer Package

Need to get some more reviews for your book? I can set up a Lovelybooks giveaway or reading circle and submit your book to bloggers.

  • Lovelybooks is the German Goodreads. Everyone can set up giveaways for books or ebooks and run 'reading circles' (read more about it in this article).
  • I can set up and manage a reading circle or giveaway on Lovelybooks for your book. This includes writing the pitch, communicating with the readers for the duration of the giveaway or reading circle, and sending them your ebook.*
  • I'll also search for and contact 10 book bloggers in your genre.
  • Total price: 90 Euro

Other Services

For an hourly fee, I could:

  • Help you search for or evaluate potential narrators for your German audiobook.
  • Prooflisten to the finished audiobook.
  • Help you set up your German Amazon Author Central page.
  • And any other service you might need with regard to marketing your German book.
  • 25 Euro per hour

*Please be aware that I can't guarantee specific results, as they depend very much on the genre, the time of promotion, and many other variables.

*On Lovelybooks you can give away a maximum of 20 books per giveaway. You may expect 10-15 reviews in return, but again, there's no guarantee.

Also, your book can't be in KDP Select during the time of the giveaway.


Payment is due after the services have been rendered and once I have received and paid all the invoices by the respective promotional websites.

Payments may be disbursed by online transfer to my US bank account (for US citizens) or via TransferWise - a free and easy to use service with low fees for international transactions.