How to find reviewers on Rezi-Suche – A German platform for authors and book bloggers

Garnering reviews is arguably one of the most important aspects of book marketing. But where do you find reviewers? In a previous post, I mentioned going on Amazon or Social Reading sites and finding reviewers of books similar to yours. Another great source for reviews are book bloggers. There are millions of book blogs out there in the web, but finding the right one for your genre who also has time to review your book, can be a challenge. Rezi-Suche makes this search just a little bit easier.

Rezi-Suche.de is a platform, where authors and German book bloggers can connect. Rezi-Suche offers authors the possibility to enter information on their book in an online form including how review copies will be offered (as ebook or print versions). Book bloggers can then find your book right there and request a review copy.

However – book bloggers are a very busy lot with huge SUBs (Stapel ungelesener Bücher = “piles of unread books”), so many of them might not often stop by on the site to search for even more books to read. You have better chances to find a reviewer if you contact them directly. On Rezi-Suche, you can search in a list of bloggers according to different criteria (i.e. genre, whether they take ebooks, whether they read indie, how long they need for reviews, etc.). Once you found a blogger that looks like she might be interested in your book, you can contact them directly through the platform. The advantage is – you know the bloggers who are listed there have specifically entered their blogs because they are open to receiving books for reviews – so you don’t have to worry about bothering them.

You can search for bloggers on the tab “Rezensions-Blogs”:

rezi-suche bloggers

Even if it takes longer, I’d suggest looking at each blog individually and read through the About Me pages, so you can write individualized emails to each blogger. It’s probably a good idea if you’re only contacting bloggers who have expressed interest in your genre (which you can see on Rezi-Suche), unless your book doesn’t really fit in any of these. In that case – it can’t hurt to ask. I’ve had good experiences with it so far. In most cases, I got a quick and positive response.

Rezi-Suche is also the partner website of was-lese-ich.de, where you can have your book featured with a short description of the content for free. You can do this by filling out the online form – the same as for Rezi-Suche.

To enter your book on Rezi-Suche and Was-lese-ich, you first have to set up an account with your email address by going to “Buch Eintragen”. Then you can start filling in the form. Here, you can specify title, genre and book description and add a cover image:

rezi-suche form1

rezi-suche form2a

You then enter the information for reviewers, if you are giving away review copies. Say “Yes” to adhere to Rezi-Codex, which means that authors and bloggers agree to treat each other fair:

rezi-suche form2b

And finally, you have the chance to characterize your book further by indicating to what extent certain elements of content appear in your book. On a sliding scale from 1 – 10, you can adjust how prevalent Action, Suspense, Sadness, Romance, etc. are in your story:

rezi-suche form3

If you need more guidance on how to use Rezi-Suche as a platform to find bloggers, I’ve recorded a tutorial video on this in my online courseHow to market your book in Germany“.

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