Promoting Your German Book – Which Promotional Websites to Choose

I’ve already listed many of the major German ebook promotional websites in a previous post, as well as prepared a PDF download to help you get an overview. But maybe you’re still confused or overwhelmed with all the choices.

So with this post I want to give a quick summary that you can refer to at any time you want to promote your German book, be it a KDP Select book for a Kindle Free Run, be it a permafree book, or a normal price discount (e.g. 99 cents). These are the promotional websites that I use most commonly and that have been yielding good results, in general.

Promote a KDP Free Run

If your book is in KDP Select, you can choose to give it away for free for 5 days every enrollment period. These KDP Free Days can still be pretty effective in the German Amazon store, especially when combined with paid advertising. Read this post for my own experiences and how I got my book to #1 in the Free Kindle Store.

These are the websites I have used for promoting a KDP Free Run:

  • Xtme (29 €)
  • Buchdeals (10 – 65 €)
  • Ebooks-Gratis (2 € per day for website banner + 5 € for newsletter slot)
  • Buchregen (35 €)
  • Ebook-Butler (50 € for newsletter, 50 € for app)
  • You can also use Ebooks-Unlimited (2 € per day for website banner + 5 € for newsletter slot), which specifically promotes Kindle Unlimited books (it doesn’t matter for KU users whether the book is free or not, after all).

To look up the requirements for submitting to these websites, refer to the PDF table.

You don’t need to use all of them at once, in fact, it might make more sense to use part of them during one promotional run, the other part during the next run, to avoid market saturation.

If you want to try some free websites, you could use DealDoktor and Mydealz as they seem to be websites with high traffic.

Promote a Permafree Book

Most of the websites that you can use for KDP Free Promos also work for permafree books. In this post, I go into more detail on experiences with KDP Free promos and permafree books in Germany.

These are the websites I have used for promoting a permafree book:

  • Xtme (29 €)
  • Buchdeals (10 – 65 €)
  • Buchregen (35 €)
  • Ebooks-Gratis (2 € per day for website banner + 5 € for newsletter slot)
  • Ebook-Butler (50 € for newsletter, 50 € for app)
  • Tolle Buchangebote (0 €) – I didn’t mention it for the KDP Free Run because they require the book to be reduced in price for at least 7 days)

For more free websites, try DealDoktor and Mydealz as well.

Reduced Price Promotions (99 cent etc.)

I haven’t done a lot of 99 cent promos, only in the beginning of launching the SciFi series of David VanDyke. In this post, you can read about our initial experiences with promoting that launch, but Dave soon decided to put his books into KDP Select and use KDP Free Promos or permafree instead, as it seemed more effective.

These are the websites I have used for promoting a price discounted book:

We also tried Ebook Topdeals, but I’m not too convinced about them since it’s a Facebook page only, though at least it’s free.

More promo sites:

There are a couple of promo sites I haven’t mentioned yet, but have used in the past. They can be used for any kind of promotional run at any time, no price reduction necessary.

  • BuchFans (you can book a sponsored post that you either write yourself or they write it for you, as well as banner ads, which they can also prepare for you)
  • BestEbookFinder (also sponsored posts and banner ads, which they can prepare for you)
  • Ebook-News (also sponsored posts and banner ads, prepared by them – I used them effectively for my own KDP Free Run.)
  • You can book many of the above-mentioned promotions on only ONE website: Ebook-Vermarkten, which makes it so much easier. For some, though, you’ll have to book directly on their own website, e.g. for Buchdeals.

I hope that helps you navigate the jungle of German ebook promotional websites a little bit. If you still would like some help, you can take a look at my German book marketing course where I walk you through using all of these websites in detail.

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