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The Audiobook Market in Germany

Should you produce a German audiobook once you had your book translated? Well, I can’t give you an answer to that question. I can merely give you some numbers about the audiobook market in Germany as it is right now: In 2013, the overall market share of audiobooks of the total book market was below […]

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How to Publish in Germany – Interview with Matthias Matting

Today, I have an interview with Matthias Matting, German author and expert on self-publishing in Germany. He runs the website, which I’ve often mentioned on this blog as the go-to-website for German self-published authors. However, most of the info on this site is available in German only (naturally). Now, Matthias has started an English […]

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German Cover Design – Interview with a Designer

I recently listened to a podcast which talked about the importance of considering cultural differences in book cover design for translated versions of a book and whether it might be necessary to get a new cover for a different market. Since I don’t know a lot about design, I decided to look for a professional […]

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