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How German Readers Find and Choose Ebooks – A Survey

How do German readers choose their books and find their reading material? Which devices do they use to read ebooks? Matthias Matting of wanted to find answers to these questions, so he created a survey that participating indie authors forwarded to their own readers. 2,342 people responded to the survey and provide some interesting […]

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6 Ways to Get Reviews for Your German Books

Most authors agree that reviews are an important aspect of book selling as they can influence a reader’s decision whether or not to buy the book. They may also be required if you want to book ads on certain ebook promotional websites. Below, I’ve listed six ways to get reviews for your German books by […]

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Find German Readers on Lovelybooks to Get Reviews

In a previous blog post I introduced several different social reading platforms that German readers use to connect and chat about books. is the largest of these in Germany, similar to Goodreads for English-speaking readers. Judging from my own experiences with Lovelybooks, I can say that this site offers great opportunities for authors, especially […]

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Online Shop for German Book Promotions

If you’re an English-speaking author wanting to promote your book in Germany, you may run into the problem that navigating among the multitude of websites where you can book ads is not the easiest thing in the world. First, they are in German, second, they all come with different requirements, costs and offers. Because this […]

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Buchdeals – The next German BookBub?

A lot of authors want to know if Germany has “something like Bookbub” – a website that promotes your book deals to their large newsletter. Well, there are a lot of similar services for German authors (you can find a list of ebook promotion websites here) ‑ but is there anything that will work like […]

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KDP Free Promotions and Permafree in Germany

Many authors who are having their books translated to German wonder if the marketing tactics they know from the English book market can be applied to Germany. Of course, the basics remain the same. But is a bit different from as is the German market and readership in general. So shared experiences can […]

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