Ask the Translator – Carolin Veiland on copyright, royalties, and the importance of proofreading

Carolin Veiland (Rogue Books) is a young and motivated translator, who loves to work with indie authors. She’s been my proofreader on several projects, and I’ve come to appreciate her dedication and creativity. If you are looking for a great German translator in the following genres: Young Adult/New Adult/Adult – Contemporary Romance, Paranormal (Romance), Fantasy, […]

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How to publish your translated book in Germany

After your book has been translated, you basically have two options: either publish it directly in the relevant ebook stores, or use a distributor. The biggest ebook stores in Germany are: Amazon Tolino (soon to come for indies) Apple iBooks GooglePlay Kobo If you already have an Amazon KDP account, merely upload your translated edition […]

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Book promotion websites in Germany

So you’ve just published your translated book on Amazon, Apple, Tolino, or other platforms. Now what? How do you find new readers in this foreign market, in a language you don’t know? Doing a free or reduced price deal, in which you offer your book for free or for a bargain price for a limited […]

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