How to Publish in Germany – Interview with Matthias Matting

Today, I have an interview with Matthias Matting, German author and expert on self-publishing in Germany. He runs the website, which I’ve often mentioned on this blog as the go-to-website for German self-published authors. However, most of the info on this site is available in German only (naturally). Now, Matthias has started an English […]

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German Cover Design – Interview with a Designer

I recently listened to a podcast which talked about the importance of considering cultural differences in book cover design for translated versions of a book and whether it might be necessary to get a new cover for a different market. Since I don’t know a lot about design, I decided to look for a professional […]

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German Ebook Marketing – FAQ

I’ve had some American authors ask me questions about publishing and marketing books in Germany, and whether things work the same as they are used to. As the answers to some of these questions may interest and benefit others as well, I decided to post them here. Feel free to add your own questions in […]

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